The focus of my class is to give serious, working actors a better perspective on film and television acting and auditioning.

Here's what it's all about:

- Everyone works EVERY WEEK

- Actual AUDITION MATERIAL is encouraged, but material can also be provided.

- We work ONE ON ONE, NOT in partnered scenes. 

- Class simulates ON-SET as well as AUDITION situations.

- Class is filmed and streamed live in HD.

- Actors' classwork is uploaded to or vimeo.


Typically, actors approach working with a camera as a logical extension of their training in acting classes, without having an awareness of how the process is different or how they can make it work for them. How one set or audition works vs. another, how film varies from television, and how to tailor work for the camera effectively are all part of the bigger picture.

I work a lot on developing an actor's methodology, whether it is for work on set or for auditions. Simply put, an actor with an awareness of their own craft is an empowered actor.

We address in detail how preparation, insightful analysis, points of focus, technique and performance all factor into the equation. 

This is probably not a class for the beginner, and I assume both a fundamental work ethic and a level of experience with auditioning for each participant. 


My point of view comes from ten years of casting film and television, nine years in NY theatre, and an M.F.A. in Acting from Brandeis University. For me, this is an opportunity to work in detail on challenging material in a way we never get to in the room.

If you are a director and would like to discuss observing the class, or workshopping a script, please let me know.

Actors who would like more information about my ongoing film and television acting and auditioning class can contact me directly at